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Why a secure dog field?

When talking to a friend recently she asked me,

"why do people need a secure dog field? Why cant they just go for a walk and let their dogs run?" followed by the comment ..

"That's what we've always done"

So why a secure dog field?


There's many reasons why you would want to use a secure dog field.

  • Reactive dogs are everywhere, you might not have a reactive dog yourself but whos to say you wont come across one on your walk?

  • Your dog may have already been attacked and now have a fear towards other dogs? (this is exactly what happened to our very own Ralph!)

  • Your dog could be in recovery and need to limit its exercise

  • No recall? are you sure if you let your dog off its lead it will 100% come running back after you call?

  • Are you unable to physically walk for a long period yourself?

  • Do you have kids that make walking the dog hard work or stressful?

  • Have you got a puppy that has never been let off the lead before?

  • Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large garden to let the dogs run free in

  • Have you rescued a dog? Rescued dogs often need that extra time and care to get used to you and its new surroundings. Rescue dogs also tend to have the "fight or flight" tenancy's.

  • Looking for somewhere safe and secure to train your dog

  • Do you have a dog that simply enjoys their own company

  • Do you work shifts/nights and struggle to fit in a big walk? (as we live on site and have flood lights within the field we are adaptable for shift work!)

  • Are you worried about dog theft in your area? Its not unknown that dog theft is at an all time high at the moment.

  • Somewhere to go for peace of mind without being hassled by other people or dogs

  • do you have an over protective dog?

or simply just a change of scenery and a bit of FUN!?

the list can go on and on....

Running Paws Maghull has now been open for 1 year.

And over that year we have taken the time to stop and talk to our customers.

To listen and understand more about what they want and need for themselves and their dogs to feel happy, to feel safe.

Not everyone understands that not all dogs like other dogs, even the smallest cuties fluffiest ones.

Not all dogs like other humans.

Dogs aren't made to be kept on a lead all the time, just like humans aren't.

We want to provide a safe and secure place for dogs to be dogs without them having fear of what's around.

We want every dog to have Fun, to exercise in a safe environment

We want you to have fun in a safe environment!

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