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Our Blue Field

Our Blue Field

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A secure place for dogs to run free! 

We Have Everything Your Pet Needs.

Our Story

We're a little family with a big big passion!

Having a reactive dog ourselves we know how hard it can be to exercise, train or just play with them when others are around. 

We Set up Running Paws Maghull for a safe place for our very own reactive Ralph and your own dogs to be able to be happy, safe and be exactly what they are dogs! 

What do we have?

We have two secure dog field designed especially for dogs to be able to run, play, train and exercise safely without any stress and worry.
Each field is private hire only so once you book its only you in the field unless you decide to bring a friend! 
check out our different fields in the 
Our Services section.


Opening Hours!

*our opening times are seasonal so will change throughout the year*

We are currently open 7am - 6.30pm

again this will change as the nights become lighter

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