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Frequently Asked Questions 

We know you may have a lot of questions, if you cant find the answers here then please get in touch


Why a secure dog field?

How do I book?

Our secure dog field is prefect for many reasons!

Maybe you've got a reactive dog?

A dog with little or no recall?

A rescue dog?

A dog in recovery?

Maybe your a nervous walker?

Worried about the dog thefts?

Worried about what other dogs you may encounter on your walk?

A new puppy?

Poor mobility?

Need somewhere safe to train your dog?

Maybe you find it too stressful walking the dog AND the kids! 


Maybe your just looking for somewhere extra fun to let your dog run free.

Knowing they are safe in an enclosed field designed especially for dogs!


Head over to our booking page
where you'll be able to choose which field, how long you'd like to stay for, what day and what time.
Payment will be taken at the time of your booking and you will receive a booking confirmation email once it has gone through.

Please remember if you'd like to visit us on a weekend then always book in advance! our weekends book up fast!! 


Where do I park?

We have Plenty of hard standing off-road parking,
if your booking for the blue field the field gate is directly off the parking area.
if you book for the green field there is a few seconds walk to the field entrance.

Please do not park within the field or the track for the green field.

How secure is it?

Will other dogs be at my booking?

We designed our fields for the purpose of all dogs.
The field is fenced with 6ft deer fencing that we have dug into the ground, along with this we also have 4ft close knit wire to ensure no little escapees.
Our gates are 6ft high that is also coved in a close knit wire to ensure no little escapees. 
As our blue dog field is adjacent to the private road we have also added 4ft black out mesh along the road side so your dogs cant see out and any traffic or pedestrians cant see in!  
Our field is also covered by CCTV
if you have any questions or would like to pop by and have a little look at our enclosed dog fields please drop us a message via our contact us page  and we can arrange this for you.


Is there water for my dog?

No, Each booking with us is private to you. 

No other dogs will be in the field at the time of your booking unless you invite them along yourself! 


Yes each field has its own water butt thats filled daily within the field.
we also have a bowl in each of the fields


What do i need to bring?

One thing we don't provide is toys. 
So please bring any balls, Frisbees, bubble machines etc. along with you. 
But please also remember to take them home with you too! 
We cant keep any toys left behind and they will be put in the bin.

We always recommend you bring wellies or old shoes, a good coat and towel or 5 for the dogs!
As the Great British weather is so unpredictable! 


Can i bring a friend?

Absolutely!! The more the Merrier! 
Each booking is inclusive of up to 4 dogs. any extra dogs we charge an extra £1 per dog to be paid cash on the day of your booking.

We do have a field MAX of 8 dogs.
If your wanting to make a group booking please contact us before doing so.

I cant make my booking

That's no problem. Please let us know as soon as you know your unable to attend your booking and we can reschedule your booking for a time that suits you.
We don't charge for cancellations as long as we have been given a min of 2 hours notice. to allow us time to offer your slot to someone else.
If you fail to attended and do not let us know we are unable to rebook or refund you.


Which field shall we book?

What field you decide to book is completely up to you, both fields are fenced exactly the same to provide you with a safe space. 
the main difference is the size.
We personally recommend the blue field if its your first time letting your dog off the lead and you're unsure on their recall or have very poor recall. With it being a smaller field can be easier to catch your dog when it's time to go.
For more information on the different fields please click here
Green Field 
Blue Field

What if it rains?

We understand that not everyone wants to stand out in the rain. We have our Happy Hut shelter within each field for you to sit and hide away from the weather! 

Are there Bins?

What happens when it goes dark?

Yes, we have 2 bins within our secure dog fields, one for dog waste and one for general rubbish.
Please ensure you collect all dog waste and rubbish from your visit and use the bins provided. 

Do you have a toilet?

No, Unfortunately we don't have toilet facilities on site. Please don't try and sneak off to go to the toilet. We have CCTV and we don't want to watch that!! 

Our Blue field has flood lighting thats available all year round, however our green field does not.
we recommend if you are looking to visit us when its dark that you book the blue field.


Is there a lock on the gate?

What if i'm late for my booking?

We don't have a lock or a code on the gate. 
because you have to drive past our house to get to the field we know whos coming and going and don't feel we need a lock or a code. 

Please always try your best to be on time for your booking. As we run Back to Back sessions we are unable to carry any time missed over.

How do i know when my times up?

It's easy to lose track of time when your having fun right?
We recommend that you set an alarm for yourself 5 or 10 mins before the end of your session so you know when your coming to an end and you can leave on time for the next booking.

I Have an XL Bully/Type
can I still visit?

We believe all dogs should be allowed to be dogs! 
We have had to add a few extra rules to allow visits to continue, but overall YES! 
For more information on XL Bullys please check out our XL Bully page here

Are the fields maintained and checked regularly? 

Although we check the fields and complete maintenance regularly we advise to watch your footing especially during winter months or in particularly wet weather. We ask our customers to not let their digs dig to prevent holes although this does happen often, therefore there may be uneven ground across the fields.

If you have any questions we haven't covered or would like some more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

We don't bite! 

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