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Terms & Conditions 




 Booking Information
1.1 Rates - 

30 mins £5, 

60 mins £10,

We have the right to change this at any time.

Number of dogs
1 to 4 per booking
MAX 8 By arrangement only

1.2 Availability
The fields are open every day from 6am-9pm. Closing time will change throughout the year. See the booking page for available times. The last booking is an hour before closing time.

1.3 Booking Arrangements – All bookings are through the website
1.4 Payment is by Debit/Credit card at the time of booking. 
1.5 Cancellation Policy - If you arrive late, the booking cannot be extended. Refunds can only be given for cancelled bookings if that space is filled by another client. we require a minimum of 2 hours before the booking time notice for a cancellation reschedule or refund.
1.6 Bookings are non-transferable. The person making the booking must be present and must ensure that anyone else attending is made aware of and adheres to the Terms and Conditions.

1.7 Running Paws Maghull retain the right to cancel or change available timeslots should it be deemed necessary.

1.8 Please make sure you are on time for your booking and that you leave the field at the end of your booked slot. Late arrivals will not have time carried over or extended without approval.

1.9 NO SHOWS WILL NOT BE TRANSFERED OR REFUNDED - if you fail to attend your booking you will not receive refunded or be able to reschedule your booking.

1.13 BOOKING TIME SLOTS, your time slot is to include your time within the field and car park time. Ensure you have left the field returned to your car and have your dog safely away before the end of your time slot. If you have not arrived by car please ensure you have left the property before the end of your session.

1.10 By making a booking with us you agree you have read and understood our terms and conditions


1.12 Price Plans - if you purchase a price plan ensure you use all bookings before your plan expires (3 months from purchase date). After your plan expiry date, if you have any remaining sessions they will be lost. Price plans cannot be extended or refunded under any circumstances. If you miss a booking this will also be deducted from your plan and cannot be refunded or rescheduled. 

- The Cancellation of sessions booked with a price plan will go back onto your account to be rebooked. Bookings must be made before the expiry of your plan.

2. Parking
2.1 If you choose to park on the Running Paws Maghull car park then you do so at your own risk and Running Paws Maghull accept no responsibility for any loss/damages.

2.2 Park near to the field that you are using. - if you are using the Blue field please park to the left of the car park. If you are using the green field please park to the right of the car park.


3. Maintenance
3.1 Bring your own poo bags and clean up after your dog/s. Running Paws Maghull will provide waste disposal within both fields. But it is your responsibility to clean up after yourself and your dogs.
3.2 The Running Paws Maghull Team will inspect the field and fencing daily to maintain security but please notify a member of the Team if you have any concerns.
3.3 During winter months the field will be muddy and waterproof boots will be required.
3.4 Do not allow your dog/s to dig holes, this can be dangerous to other field users. Notify a member of the Running Paws Maghull Team if you see a hole so that it can be filled in.

3.5 Uneven ground due to dogs digging or 'other possible factors' may occur.

3.6 drinks and snacks are allowed within the field but please ensure nothing is left behind.
3.7 On your first visit take the time to inspect the field to ensure that it is suitable for use by your dog/s; fence height, proximity to farm animals etc. if you have any issues, please let a member of staff know immediately

3.8 During winter months the field lighting will be on when it's dark. The fields can become wet/muddy and can become uneven in parts. Please ensure you use the field sensibly and are vigilant.

3.7 The fields/ car parking area may have spots of uneven ground due to dogs digging or 'other possible factors' 

The use of our field and car park is at your own risk.

4. Code of Ethics
4.1 Choke chains, prong collars and electronic devices are not allowed.
4.2 Harsh handling of dogs, either verbal or physical is not allowed.
4.3 To maintain the professional integrity of Running Paws Maghull, dog trainers working with their clients will only be allowed by prior arrangement.
4.4 To maintain the professional integrity of Running Paws Maghull, professional dog walkers will only be allowed by prior arrangement.

4.5 Dogs must be in good health, fully vaccinated, and up to date with worming, flea and tick treatments.

4.6 Anyone found to be training dogs for fighting, or is a cause for concern regarding animal cruelty, will be asked to leave immediately and the Police will be informed.

4.7 All dogs must be healthy and fit. If your dog or any dog it lives with is showing signs of ill health I.e. cough, diarrhoea, vomiting, you must cancel your booking. We will happily work with you to rearrange the booking for a more appropriate time.

4.8 Toys are allowed within our field. However, NO balls, no golf balls. No toys smaller than the regular tennis ball! small toys are often lost and are a choking hazard to ALL dogs! 


5. Training & Agility Equipment
5.1 One to one training sessions and Training Classes (Recall, Lead Walking etc.) can be booked on the field. you MUST contact us directly BEFORE making the booking for ANY classes or teaching

5.2 When choosing a booking that our KC sized agility equipment will be present in the secure dog field you will be using at your own risk, and the risk of your dog/dogs. Please use properly & safely. If you are unsure of anything please contact a member on the Running Paws Maghull team immediately.

5.3 our agility equipment is for the sole use of dogs only! anyone found to be climbing or miss treating our equipment will be asked to leave immediately. no refunds or reschedules will be made for the sessions lost. 

5.4 If you are attending a training session booked Via a trainer, Running Paws Maghull accept no responsibility of that session.

Please contact your trainer directly if you have any issues. 

5.5 if you are a trainer and would like to book our secure dog fields to host your classes you MUST inform us of your booking and provide us with a copy of your public liability insurance for our records. We take no responsibility for accidents or injuries occurring to dogs or people invited there by the original hirer. 

6.Entering/Leaving the Field
6.1 ensure you have read and understand the terms and conditions of Running Paws Maghull
6.2 Do not arrive more than 5 minutes before the start of your session, early arrivals can be disruptive to those still on the fields. Once in the car park ensure that your dogs do not cause a distraction to those leaving the field; dogs barking at open windows can be very upsetting for some dogs.
6.3 Stay in your vehicle until the previous users have left the field and have got their dogs into their vehicle.
6.4 Do not enter the field before your allocated time.
6.5 Leave the field promptly BEFORE the end of your session. – your session time includes time to enter and leave the field.
6.6 Keep all dogs on a lead at all times when outside of the secure field. Do not get a dog out of the car unless you have a lead and full control
6.7 If you cannot get your dog’s back at the end of your session notify a member of the team immediately. Any additional sessions used must be paid for.

7. Children
7.1 Children are welcome on the field but must be supervised by an adult at all times. The enrichment areas are designed to be used by dogs only. Children are not permitted to climb on any equipment. If children are found to be climbing you will be asked to leave and no refunds will be given.

7.2 Children must be supervised at all times, it is your reasonability to ensure the safety of children at all times

7.3 Do not allow children to go near dogs of anyone else other than your own party. Remember not all dogs are friendly!! 

8. Group bookings and Business Bookings

8.1 Group booking and business bookings must be approved by a member of staff before the booking is made

8.2 You must hold the relevant professional business liability insurance which covers the activities you will be undertaking while on the premises, and while entering and exiting the park. It must cover the numbers of dog/s in your charge.

A copy of your public liability insurance must be provided at the time of booking for our records. 

If you are a daycare, or similar business, then the number of dogs you have must correspond to your insurance, this is because you are liable for your client and your client’s animal/s at all times regardless of where the training is taking place.

8.3 It is your responsibility to ensure your clients are aware of the conditions that you are accepting, and what that might mean regarding legal responsibility of their dog/s while they are in your charge, and whose liability it is if an injury not due to the negligence of Running Paws Maghull should occur.

8.4 You must comply with all relevant Government regulations governing control of dogs, and IED (Index of Exempted Dogs)

8.5 Running Paws Maghull take no responsibility for any incidents that may occur, you take all responsibility for yourself and your clients/ client’s dog(s) at all times.

8.6 if any incidents do occur you MUST report it to a member of staff immediately


9. Gift Cards

9.1 This gift card is only redeemable for private secure dog field hire at Running Paws Maghull. 

To make a booking please visit our website

9.2 This gift card cannot be used for training classes or special events. Gift cards are non -transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

9.3 Any bookings made using a gift card will be subject to our normal booking policy's.

9.4 Bookings made with a gift voucher will be subject to our usual terms and conditions regarding bookings and cancellations 

9.5 Running Paws Maghull cannot accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged cards. 

9.6 Gift cards are Valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and cannot be extended.

9.7 Gift cards cannot be exchanged for money and cannot be refunded. 

9.8 Don’t worry if you don't spend your whole gift voucher at once. The remaining balance will stay on the gift card ready for the next time you're ready to book.

By making a booking with us you agree you have read and understood our terms and conditions


I have read and accept the above terms of the Field Hire Agreement and acknowledge that:

Running Paws Maghull have no responsibility for loss, injury or accident that occurs to myself, the dogs in my care, or clients and client’s possessions, my equipment, my car or work vehicle, accompanying friends and family, or for any veterinary bills arising from using the field.​

I agree to use the field at my own risk, and I am liable for any damages caused by myself or my dog/s or client’s dog/s when using the facility and equipment.​

I agree to clear up all dog mess and rubbish that results from my visit. There is a dog waste bin and general waste bin provided within the field.​

I agree not smoke in the field.​

I agree not to make excessive noise, feed any livestock in neighbouring fields, discourage the dog(s) in my charge from digging holes and to fill in any made. If you should find any holes, please let us know.

I agree only to use the agreed parking area and secure field and understand that trespassing onto other areas of the farm may result in prosecution.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for inspecting the field to ensure that it is suitable for use by myself and my client’s dog/s, fence height, proximity to farm animals etc. prior to using the field.

I agree no small toys will be used during my visit. i.e. small tennis balls/ golf balls. 

I acknowledge that I am responsible for ensuring that any equipment used is suitable for the dog(s) in my charge, paying particular attention to the dog(s) height and age limitations.

I agree to keep all dog/s on a lead, at all times, when outside of the secure field.

I agree to vacate the field before the end of my booking time, regardless of what time I arrived ensuring to be within my vehicle before my booking time is over.

I agree to remain in my vehicle with my dog/s or near the entrance of running paws (if walking) until the previous field user has left the field and is safely back within their car or left the premises if walking. 

I am aware that the field is coved by CCTV. 

All complaints must be made by email to

or in writing to 3 Millbank Lane, Maghull, L319AT

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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