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About us...

We're a little family with a big big passion!

We are so happy to welcome you too our secure dog field in Maghull, Merseyside!


We are so happy our little vision has turned into reality! 

Being dog lovers ourselves with a passion for understanding difference dogs needs we have created a safe place for your four legged best friend to run free with out any anxieties or worries.

2 years ago we rescued our very own Ralph. Our super loving and kind French Bull Dog.

But the sweet dog you see today had not had an easy life, this lead him to be super nervous around other dogs and in certain circumstances can't be let off his lead as we couldn't always be sure that we could confidently recall him. 

Exercising him became as stressful for him as it did for us especially with kids too! 

We decided to always create a place that he could run about, play and exercise knowing that he was completely safe and wouldn't encounter any other dogs (or even people) until he was ready!

By creating a safe enclosed area for Ralph it helped him to become the loving, playful and happy dog he is today.

After seeing the change in ralph we decided why not open to the public and give you and your dogs a safe and secure area to run as happy as they should with no worries!


Kids welcome too!

A safe fully enclosed dog field for you to run, play and train your dogs!


Our Team
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