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How secure is Running Paws Maghull?

Let’s talk fencing!!

As Secure dog fields are becoming more popular we've been hearing a lot from our customers about other fields some good and some shockingly bad!

Today we had a comment from a lovely lady about how impressed she was with our fencing, (pat on the back to us!) and it prompted me into doing a post about how secure our secure field is.. anyway anyway anyway… She has 2 lovely little dogs and a big bouncy one! Recently she visited a secure dog field not too far from us (I wont name names!) and even after paying for her session at this dog field she left within a few moments as the fencing wasn't what she was told and she didn't feel it was safe enough for her precious's pups!

A few month after we opened to the public we decided we needed to upgrade and we redesigned our secure dog field we wanted it to cater for all breeds and sizes.

After doing lots of research we decided to go with a 6ft super strong deer fencing. As we know some dogs like to jump super high!

We also know some escape artists love a good dig/slide/squeeze what ever they can do to get under and out!! So with this in mind the fencing is also dug into the ground (not just touching and waiting for weeds to grow through as other fields have)

For the smaller breeds we decided to also add a close nit wire fence from 4ft down. As most stock fencing isn’t designed for the cute little dogs it’s easy for them to nip through!

As our dog field is next to the private road we also added in some privacy screening to help black out any distractions that may pass e.g. cars, walkers etc. this is great if you have a reactive dog or a nervous dog.. or even just a silly pup that likes to bark for no reason other than something moved!

Our gate is 6ft tall and also backed with close nit wire that touches the ground, so no room to nip under or over! Once the gate is closed there really is no escape!

Oh I almost forgot.. as you will see from our photos we also threw in some extra high and thick hedges for extra privacy. Bonus right?!

If you have any questions, or would like to pop down and have a little look around before booking please get in touch!

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